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LTD Fastwel co. will take part in the exhibition EXPO-RUSSIA VIETNAM 2022
LTD Fastwel co.
FASTWEL specializes in designing and manufacturing modern high-tech equipment for Process Control Systems, embedded and on-board systems.
The FASTWEL product range includes the following main product categories:
- Single-board computers and expansion boards for embedded systems that meet international standards CompactPCI, PC/104, MicroPC, VME, 3.5" COM-Express and others;
- Embedded and on-board computers, protected from dust, moisture, vibrations and shocks;
- FASTWEL I/O distributed control system - a universal hardware and software system for creating automatic data acquisition and control systems;
- OPC-servers for popular Modbus and CAN industrial networks, universal OPC-servers.
Most of FASTWEL products are designed to operate under high mechanical loads and in the industrial temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C.
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